Hello everyone, and welcome to the ride. This page, and blog are exactly what they say they are. It is how I see it. What is it?

Good question. It is whatever is on my mind. That part of me that I simply can’t get to stop, to go away. It is sometimes quite light – my love of sharks or all things Marvel and Star Wars. It is sometimes very pointed and heavy – my views on the current state of our country and the world. Other times it may just be a rant that no one in my life will understand – writers block and how horrible it is for you know writers.

You are most likely not going to agree with everything that I write on here. That is the thing about a blog about how I see it – its my views and opinions. I welcome discourse and debate, hate and divisiveness will in no way be accepted or allowed on the page.

So sit back and enjoy. And remember – you made the choice to read on and see how my mind works. Don’t blame me. Its not linear, its not narrow and its not intolerant – you have been warned. If you can accept that, welcome and read on. If you can’t accept that – well I have no say over your feelings, but again – you have been warned!!

Enjoy all, and thank you for being here.