My name is Heather, and (obviously) this is my blog. Since this is the beginning of it, I am going out on a limb here and saying you are either married to me, related to me or my wife, or my friend (or my wife’s friend, or one of my sister’s friends). Let me take this moment to say thank you. I especially want to thank my family and friends. You have been nothing but supportive since I began writing and you continue to amaze me with your faith in me. To answer the question some of you are asking – yes, I have tried breaking away from my volunteer writing sites to some paid ones. Number one recommendation for aspiring writers today, at least that I have received – have your own blog. So here it is my blog. As I have never been one to go, oh snap, everyone wants to read what I have to say, this is an extremely weird feeling. Well, let’s give it a whirl, shall we.
I fell on the off chance that there are people on here eventually who are not related to me in one of the ways mentioned above there should be some kind of disclaimer. My mind does not operate in a very secular way. I am not a big focus on one thought at a time and go with it person. I am much more of a hey there thought 1-5, make room for 7-12. I can guarantee one thing about this blog, and that is there will not be any one theme. There will be political thoughts, news reflections, and some stuff I want to write on because I like it and I want to. I will always encourage differences in opinions and polite debates, but if you have come here to be nasty, please take it elsewhere. I place respect high in the totem pole of things I care about. I have been successfully trained in my article writing experience to be polite to those who aren’t polite to me, but I respectfully ask you not to be out of control. Yes, I am a crazy leftist liberal who loves Andy Cuomo and strives to be half the liberal Teddy Kennedy was. You have been warned. If you are a trolling conservative looking for democrats and liberals to go after, I am one, but stop. I make no secret of my views and if you click on a link you are looking for a fight. I will resist giving you one, but if you do goad me into a battle of the wits, my next request is simple – do not step into the ring unarmed. I am also a pretty vigorous and active Gay/Human/Civil rights activist and supporter. There will be some blogs pertaining to that. If you do not like that you are entitled to your opinion – however this is my page, I blog what I want and I believe what I blog. Those are my disclaimers.
Please do not think this will be some heavy blog that will only have current events and political views on it. I will blog about whatever strikes my fancy when I sit down to write. It could be 2,000 words on some heavy hitting current event or a 200 word review of a book. I will not be boxed into any one thing, but I will always strive to entertain and inform. That is about it. The generalized overview of what will be on here. I do hope you will enjoy. Oh and please take heed – I understand that my mind works in a weird way and that at moments you will feel as though I have gone around the bend. Please just push through, I generally always come back.


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