I am so happy Fall is here. This is my favorite season of the year. Which in a way, proves I am a glutton for punishment since in many ways, Fall is the worst season for my body. My bad ankle swells up with the weather, and my arthritis acts up with it. The leaves kill my allergies, and it is the only season where I really have an issue with asthma. None of that matters though, not to me. It is fine with me, great with me. Because it is fall. It is the time of year that makes living in Up State NY worth everything that may at other times annoy me. It is the time of year when Halloween reigns supreme, and adrenaline junkies like me can get quick fixes anywhere at anytime.
I am not sure why, but this time of year is just when it all clicks. There is nothing better than driving down the same roads you always do, but it looking different then usual because of changing leaves, falling leaves, decorations and the start of people winterizing. There is nothing like that first glimpse of the leaves changing to let you know that the Fall is coming, and the breathtaking views of rows of trees up the mountain as you drive on I-88 can not be replaced with anything. I love a nice view of the ocean, I think that lighthouses are lovely to look at, and a gorgeous sunset is nothing to poo-poo. Anyone who has ever seen a mountain full of trees at peak season however knows what a masterpiece nature can paint though, and that is something that is not replaced. My favorite part is the smell. Since smell is the strongest sense in regards to memory, I think that this is why Fall remains my favorite holiday to this day.
To me, nothing smells as good as Fall. I know, this may be a crazy statement even for me, but hear me out. Fall has its own scent. When the leaves are changing, the days are briskly cold, you can step outside and inhale the season. Not the secondary smells which are also wonderful – like pumpkin, smoke from bonfires, general baking to help warm up the house. No, you can smell the leaves, and the moisture, you can smell the change in the grass and the hay that is around. All of it together, that is Fall.
Once you take that deep breath and smell it, you know what else is coming. I know that there is a spattering of things that will make the months leading up to winter AWESOME. It is of course the heart of Football season, and for those who like it, Pumpkin Flavoring is back. There are leaves falling and you break out the more muted colors of blues, oranges, reds for the Fall. Of course though, there is Halloween. There are haunted mazes, hayrides and houses. There is an uptick in people who want to try their hand at being brave, and others who want to be scared, or better yet do the scaring. There are horrible written, directed and acted movies for every horror you can imagine on SyFy, and the cheesey kid friendly ones on ABC’s 13 nights of Halloween.
I can’t imaging anything else in Fall. I love the fact that Up State NY embraces Fall, with apple picking, all the haunted attractions, and all the urban legends. I am so happy that we have seasons, and that Fall is our most distinctive one. I think I want to do some Fall season blogs, but first, I just want to share the joy that it is here. So all, breath in deep and enjoy.

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