In today’s turbulent world it may seem strange that I am saying today it is more important then ever to take risks, but that is the idea I am proposing today. Whether the risk is talking to someone you normally wouldn’t, going skydiving, joining an organization you normally wouldn’t, taking your dream job or attending your first protest, do yourself a favor and make the leap. Taking risks will inevitably lead to new discoveries. These new discoveries may be about yourself or about the world around you. Maybe you will find out that the person you talk to loves to read your favorite author of enjoys playing PS4. You might see the most beautiful scenery you ever will jumping out of that plane. You may find your true passion by joining a community organization or taking that leap of faith to take your dream job. Whatever the risk you take and the result of it, it is a step towards growth. Growing yourself as a person. Growing closer as a community, and even hopefully growing our country – together. Without risks, we all become stagnate and subordinate to our routines. We forget the thrill of trying that new thing and the feel of the inherent rewards of doing so. Risk taking has been essential to this rebellious country of ours since the beginning. Centuries ago, our first ancestors took the risk of getting on those boats and crossing the ocean. Then our forefathers risked declaring our independence. Still more risked electing a controversial President Lincoln knowing what the result could be, and fought a civil war to unite our country under the stars and stripes. From the risk takers of the roaring-twenties, to the freedom fighters of the 1960’s to those standing on the right side of history today, never bending to bullying even from the highest positions, every pertinent time in our long history leads back to people who were willing and even excited to take risks. To further extend my point, I feel that on the flip side the periods of the greatest unrest and oppression can be documented when the majority of the people are too scared to take even the smallest of risks. So go out there today, right now and take a risk, no matter how small it is, no matter what it is. Small risks will awaken in you that part of us all that needs encouragement AND engagement to grow. The will lead to bigger, better and more risks. The rewards will astound you and lead to a better life not just for you, but for us all.

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