Blogging is something I want to do regularly and often fall behind in – I mean, a lot. Why?? Because I worry too much about putting out there what I feel people may want to read, or that I feel I should due to the current terrifying climate of the world. I am scared to write anything that my family or friends might take offense to or be embarrassed by me. Why is that a problem – why does it make me just stop writing instead of giving into what I think people want from me? Because when you don’t write about what you want to write about, what you care about, your writing suffers. You may technically still write properly, it may even be good – but it will be missing a spark – a fire. Without that, writing is nothing but lackluster. The most flawless, perfect technical writing can fall flat if there is nothing sparking the subject matter. Also, if you feel like you are forcing it, you won’t write – as evidenced by myself and my blog. So here is my wholehearted attempt to return to my roots and what I like.
So I admit it may be strange, but my secret passion/obsession is cold cases/historic cases. Not in some creepy, psychotic killer re-enactment way. I am obsessed with trying to solve the puzzles, or studying the facts and the results of a case. Am I egotistical and blind to the truth enough to think that I can see something others missed, or solve crimes from my home office when trained professionals couldn’t – NO, not at all. I do, however, think that I can totally give a case an open-minded, objective and “woman of the people” look and analysis. So, why do I have this desire to learn about cases – whether just historically significant or long wondered about cold cases? Honestly –  and a bit sadly – I think that a large part of it is from growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s.
During this time period, there seems to have been A LOT of cases in the news there were baffling, terrifying and many of which remain unsolved to this day. Of course, though, when you have that interest sparked in you, you start looking back into history. So far warning, that is what is going to be dominating my blog-space for awhile. Please, keep in mind (if anyone is still reading this rambling) that I am a trained Paralegal, and have my degree in History and English. Why am I mentioning this? Because literally EVERYTHING I have studied and prepared for in my life has trained me to excel in 1 thing – researching. I am a multi-trained researcher, and I don’t half-ass it. I immerse in my subject, and look at everything with an eye and mind trained to observe and pick apart. I in fact often find myself approaching life in that way. I will be presenting my cases, research and conclusions as that trained researcher. This will interest me and people like me. I hope it puts the spark back into my writing that and if so I hope that spark will draw in people who don’t normally care about this. Either way – sit back and try to enjoy. I will be starting with the most notorious case of the 1990’s, the one that sparked this all in me. A case many people forget is actually a cold case. The 1994 double murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
Until next time.

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