Have you ever had a dream? Something that you honestly have wanted since you can remember, or before? I honestly have had a few. First – get a superpower and become a member of the Avengers – MARVEL ALL THE WAY. Second – Be the one to discover the Force really exists and get my choice of a lightsaber. Third – Save the world and take care of the hungry, homeless, addicted, sick, marginalized, abused, etc. And Fourth – Be a paid and published writer.

These are not the only dreams I have ever had. In there for a while was be a lawyer, a teacher, an EMT. Become an inventor. A historian. An archeologist, a paleontologist. A museum curator. Yes. I Know. There is a theme.

Be a role model. Start a rock band. Stay friends with my childhood friends for life and prove everyone wrong. Outshine my sisters (sorry Julie and Susan, but as the youngest, I guarantee you that was my dream every time a teacher called me by one of your names. #smalltownlife). Many of these dreams came and went quickly.

Sometimes I still want to be a lawyer, especially a legal historian. And yes, Julie, it was a real thing when I was studying it in school, and STILL IS. That is one of the only lasting ones outside of the core four mentioned in my opening, and maybe it will happen someday.

I am still only an Avenger in my mind, and no Force yet. I have worked hard to save the world one act at a time, but the thing about this goal is that it can never be met. You have to keep going at it, and if you ever think you have successfully completed it, its time to sit down and readdress yourself as a human being. Because there will always be people out there that need help, love, compassion, understanding. When you stop believing that, the person you need to save is you.

So, one goal left. I did it. I am someone who can officially say they are paid to write. I get to put pen to paper and just do it. Every weekday, I have a consistent article called 5 Things That Happened While You Were Out on http://www.civmix.com. I get to do that. I look at news digest it, sift through it and regurgitate the most essential headlines on a national, state, and local level into a digestible format.

This rocks. Chasing dreams got me here. It was not easy. It was endlessly applying, selling thousand-word articles for pennies. Writing gossip or HVAC manuals. Things that literally felt like they were draining my soul. All worth it. Now I am starting to get more jobs that I love. And the more I write, the more I want to write. The more I want to get to keep saying that I am a writer.

So I keep going. I keep putting those applications in. I keep submitting and writing and asking for feedback. I will keep going. Because I know now how good it feels to achieve my goals, to live my dream. Yeah. Being a freelance writer is hard work. Anyone who says differently isn’t doing it right or isn’t doing it freelance.

You will pound the keyboard like others pound the pavement. Half your time in the office will be finding opportunities. A quarter of the time will be applying to freelance jobs, and the rest will be when you write. I haven’t gotten to the point yet where that schedule has shifted. I hope to. Because to enhance your writing time, you lengthen your total time. But the formula doesn’t change. And that is okay.

You keep coming back, my few loyal readers. So I will keep doing what I do. I will try to get on here more. I will post my wrap up. I will write whatever I can whenever I can. I will chase my dreams. I hope you will come with me.

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