So, I am diligently trying to ensure that I get at least a short blog a day up on my personal site. With that in mind, here it goes.

I spent a good portion of my evening working on flyers for an organization I have recently joined, called #518MamasforBLM. Doing this work is similar to stuff I have done for clients, but so much more fulfilling. Knowing that I am working with similar minded people from the area I live in to help drive civil and social justice. That is what I live for.

Obviously, working on these fliers got me to thinking about what is going on in the greater world today. I write about the news on my daily wrap, but I want to share my more personal, very opinionated views on the matter. However, I do not want to do so tonight. Because it is midnight, and I am doing this to start getting myself into the pattern of blogging more days than not. And that is a topic that is not gonna be quick, easy or light and fun.

So, I fall back on what is so much a part of my life. Writing. When I wasn’t working on those fliers, cleaning the house, or watching munchkins (my own and my niece), I was, of course, working on my writing. No matter how long or hard a day I have had, I genuinely enjoy that at the end of it, I get to sit back and say today I wrote.

Ironically, today was not wholly a writing day per se. When a freelance writer tells you they worked on their writing today, as mentioned yesterday, do not assume that means that for the majority of the day, they sat down and pounded out creative short stories, personal essays, news articles, entertaining blogs or even content for clients.

No, what I did for a good portion of my day was search for places currently working with freelancers, compile pieces of writing that might appeal to different industries, apply, write letters explaining portfolio pieces, apply some more.

Then, switching from content or brand writing to creative, I searched for places that accept submissions. I sorted through if they take unsolicited pieces. I read submission requirements, added deadlines, and if reading fees, how much (yup, often you get to pay for the pleasure of no being published) to my calendars. I decided if a place was worth submitting to, gauged likeliness of getting a response, and planned out for August what places I may like to submit to.

I then moved on to competitions, searching for contests with fees first, verified to the best of my ability that they are valid, looked for submission requirements, added to calendars, etc. etc.  Then, onto free to enter contests. Still trying to make sure valid. Reading about what can be done to ensure if I send a submission, it’s a legit publication that is not going to just steal my intellectual property. Deadlines, requirements – you get it by now.

Alright, now I can start writing, right? Nah. Now I can followup on submissions outstanding I am waiting to hear back from, seeing if I need to followup if following up is allowed at that publication, la de dah. If recently rejected, reading the reason and marking on a spreadsheet if it was a specific reason for the submission or if I shouldn’t bother submitting to that publication again.

NOW I can write. But at this point, its time to do my article for, and start researching my 5 Things You Missed While You Were Out for the day. So, reading the news from our country, obviously, I get frustrated, angry and just so, so depressed.

Then onto dinner, family time, time for me to do something for me (above fliers) and now, me going crap…I am not going to bed without blogging, as that way leads to bad routines. So, that is all my people.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, and I can blog about something of greater interest to y’all. Also, hopefully, my wife reads this article and realizes that I don’t just sit down and start writing, what have you been doing on that computer all day…sorry, lapsed into it there, didn’t I?

Night all, see ya tomorrow.

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