You know, deep down I knew that the last digit of the year changing wasn’t going to make any difference, but like so many people, I, in fact, hoped that when that digit flipped, so would the luck of society. Of course, it is not that simple. Nor did deep down did I think it was going to, but I was hoping against hope that it would.
What is making 2021 just as bad as 2020? The numbers are trending down throughout the state and country (for the most part), the vaccine is being distributed. People are going to be able to slowly reintegrate into society. We can all start working towards a new normal. This is all really good and something that should ultimately make up for so much in 2020, right?
However, six days into the new year, there was an unprecedented attack on our own Capitol…by our own people. As individual members of the Republican party remained so loyal to Trump, they continued the big lie. They were moving to not confirm the election results. However, courts – many filled with Trump Appointees – INCLUDING SCOTUS – threw out the case after case stating that there was absolutely no proof of widespread fraud.
The former President whipped his supporters – led by the Proud Boys, who he earlier told to stand back and stand by – into a frenzy then told them to march to the Capitol. Everything they did was at his behest. He was brought up and impeached by the House. Again, he was acquitted by his minions in Congress. So, instead of being banned from ever holding office also, those who caved under his influence and let him off left the entire nation in limbo, waiting to see if he will again rise to power.
The economy is still in trouble, the employment world still looks dismal, and there is little new in the world of entertainment. We are still in free fall as we come to terms with our own society, mainly concerning race and equality. The fact that the issues exist is not anywhere near new, however, making it more frustrating, sad, and enraging that they are still at this scale.
Let’s not even get into the cold that just won’t end or the snow and ice that seem neverending this year. I am sure that my bad attitude towards all of this is partly due to being an introvert who has not had dedicated alone time in almost a year. We are all in the house almost all the time together.
Yet, at the end of the day, the new year is simply a new digit Things will not change until we change them, and that can not be done by the clock striking midnight every 365 days. So, I will attempt to shake off the 2020 funk, the COVID blues, and the winter depression. We will all press forward, educating ourselves, each other, and our children to create a generation of anti-racists and those with truly open minds and hearts.
Pressing forward, going on, trying to be better and make the world better, that is what we do. It is the only way to make a change. So we breathe and step forward, one step at a time.
At least, that is how I see it.


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