So, after some health issues, I am back. I feel a lot better and am ready to get back to it all, including my journey to a healthier me. However, it feels like more of a hill to climb than it did initially.

I was making such significant progress and then being knocked down. Now I feel that coming back to it is going to be even more challenging and more frustrating. I did not put back on the weight I lost, but I worked towards building a really great diet and workout routine, and I definitely lost the rhythm.

I am not someone who loves “dieting,” though working out is easier to get back into for me as I have chosen to do CentrFit and even begun Karate lessons, both of which I find so relaxing and multi-beneficial.

Now I am just looking back at where I was and how it all got interrupted, and now I am just so discouraged and annoyed. I need to suck it up and get back on top of it. Though working out is easier for me to get back into, it still isn’t overly easy to get back to the balls to the wall routine I had going for almost two months.

I honestly don’t get how people do that. I see people around me all the time that can just stop a routine for months and then pick it back up. I genuinely wish I had that in me. It would make it all easier. However, I know that I will be getting back into it, as there is really still no choice. A few months of sickness did not magically make me lose enough weight to take away the underlying issues that set me on this path.

I am just glad to be feeling better and get back into the lifestyle change that I need to fully implement for my own health and back to writing. I have content writing, a list of stuff for ScreenRant, and am in a few different creative writing contests. I am in a perfect spot of mixing the money-making things that often feel like selling my soul with the stuff I love, like ScreenRant and creative writing.

Also, WandaVision WAS worth it, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Just. Yeah. Getting back onto here is also lovely. I love to be here and just writing and letting myself get into that flow.

I left off looking at why television has meant so much to me and explaining that I can’t turn my back on shows that made me feel everything simply because people who created them are garbage people. We will be jumping back into that a bit, and I will give a peek into my latest big writing project, an actual crime cold case local to the Capital District of NYS.

That, my friends, is how I see it…

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