So, many moons ago, I discussed how I would focus on
exactly what I felt made those years from 1979ish to 1983 its own
“generation” and with those born in those years not really able to
fit into either Gen X or Millenials.

We grew up in a weird time. My wife was born in 1984; we are only two years
apart – however, when we talk, it seems like so much more. She didn’t start her
typing lessons on a typewriter in high school – my first two years were on a
typewriter. We learned about floppy AND hard discs – by the time she was in
that period of school, they had CD-Roms.

Not only did computers and all tech advancements really influence the people
born in that time period, but the events of the world were some of the
strangest ever. In the early 1990s, it really felt that there was a lot of
danger in the world directed towards children. There were so many kidnappings
and other issues that popped up to scare us.

We saw the advent of the results of the “Just say No” campaign,
invented in 1982, and the creation and advancement of the DARE program in 1983.
It was the time of the after-school special, and when every series had an
episode where they tried to teach us something.

It was all terrifying and confusing. There was so much that was changing at
that time. The generations directly ahead of us and behind us can in no way
relate to our actual experience. We are the people who can function in both the
world without the internet and with it.

We catch onto new technology quickly because we have no choice, and most of
us are the ones who can roll with the changes that are thrown at us because
growing up, we had no choice. We had to adjust as the world was changing.
Quickly and extravagantly – with no choice but to learn or be left behind.

We grew up in a unique time period, and as with all generations, it was this
time that shaped us. Our parents watched the news with us, and we got to learn
about all the things in the world at an age where we could not comprehend what
we were hearing. The world was in conflict, kids were disappearing, and there
was a lot of negative coverage on the news about HIV/AIDS and homosexuality.

This is the world that we grew up in and molded us. It was a scary time for
us to be coming of age, but it was what we had, and it shaped us into what we
all are today. It was indeed a particular time to grow up in. It was primarily
a unique time to realize that you were gay, and it led us down many of the
paths that have led to today.

Anyway, that is how I see it.


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