The Lasting Impact of Matthew Shepard On 90s LGBTQIA+ Youth

If you weren't a closeted teen in the 1990s (or even a teen for those older readers. or even alive for the younger ones), then you can not fully grasp what it was to be LGBTQ in this decade. Believe me when I tell you that for many of us it was a time not just of the typical confusion and rigamarole that comes with being a queer teen at any time, but also a time of immense fear.


The New Pace Of the 1990s

There was an unmistakable pace that came into existence during the 1990s. It is not clear exactly why, but the pace of life had been ramping up all during the eighties. When the nineties burst onto the calendar, it did so with an urgency that was as of yet unknown throughout the world.Whether it was…