The New Pace Of the 1990s

There was an unmistakable pace that came into existence during the 1990s. It is not clear exactly why, but the pace of life had been ramping up all during the eighties. When the nineties burst onto the calendar, it did so with an urgency that was as of yet unknown throughout the world.Whether it was…

Why Are We The Forgetten Years

  So, many moons ago, I discussed how I would focus onexactly what I felt made those years from 1979ish to 1983 its own“generation” and with those born in those years not really able tofit into either Gen X or Millenials.   Though I have had this rant and given a few reasons, there have…


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Growing Up In The 1980’s & 1990’s…The Start

Growing up in the eighties and nineties was indeed a singular experience. As I get older, I realize precisely how much those years were unique, shaping the generations in them in precise ways. I also have learned that those are some of my most popular posts and will be doing almost its own series on…

I’m Back

So, after some health issues, I am back. I feel a lot better and am ready to get back to it all, including my journey to a healthier me. However, it feels like more of a hill to climb than it did initially. I was making such significant progress and then being knocked down. Now…


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