STILL Obsessed With The Obsessed Network

What is The Obsessed Network? It is a network of podcasts that focus on various areas of true crime, and it is one of the only things that got me sanely through quarantine. It all started a new friendship and a desire to do a podcast between Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle. The success of that initial podcast, called "True Crime Obsessed," would launch a network where true crime lovers could feel at home and get their true crime fix with a side of humor.


The Lasting Impact of Matthew Shepard On 90s LGBTQIA+ Youth

If you weren't a closeted teen in the 1990s (or even a teen for those older readers. or even alive for the younger ones), then you can not fully grasp what it was to be LGBTQ in this decade. Believe me when I tell you that for many of us it was a time not just of the typical confusion and rigamarole that comes with being a queer teen at any time, but also a time of immense fear.

Creating With ADHD

Existing and living with ADHD comes with explicit and seemingly neverending challenges. Adulting with ADHD brings more fun into the game. Being in a long-term, committed relationship, being a mother, having a job. All of these bring new issues and challenges to my neurodivergent mind, some more difficult to overcome than others. Writing and creating, however, it is in a category by themselves.

Why Are We The Forgetten Years

So, many moons ago, I discussed how I would focus onexactly what I felt made those years from 1979ish to 1983 its own"generation" and with those born in those years not really able tofit into either Gen X or Millenials. We grew up in a weird time. My wife was born in 1984; we are…

I’m Back

So, after some health issues, I am back. I feel a lot better and am ready to get back to it all, including my journey to a healthier me. However, it feels like more of a hill to climb than it did initially. I was making such significant progress and then being knocked down. Now…

Hands off my Buffy and Avengers

There is a lot to be said about my obsession with Marvel and BtVS. I know that a lot of people don't get it. That and my loyalty to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, especially in light of the ever-growing allegations against Joss Whedon and his apparent love of abusing his power. How can I, who rails against…