Alright, before we jump into more of the political things, let’s have a good old fashioned rant on how much I hate dieting and exercising. However, there is absolutely no more procrastinating, no more falling off the wagon. I have to lose weight and get healthy and have not just a moment but a lifestyle change.

Why am I being so firm about it this time? Because I am aware that my weight in conjuncture with my diabetes is a surefire way to cause long-lasting and even fatal health issues. I refuse to do that. I am so big on preaching that we have to be the change we want to see globally, so then why am I not being the change I want to see in myself?

So, here we go. Again. Because after my last post like this, I, in fact, ballooned not only back up to that weight but to my highest weight ever. I refuse to allow myself to continue going this way. I know for a fact that whatever I put my mind to, but my whole self into, I can do.
I want to be here for my daughter for everything I can be, and not just be the fat mom on the sidelines unable to play with her. So, I have done a complete lifestyle change in 2021, and so far, I am seeing the fruit of my labor.

I have lost 12 pounds since Jan. 1, and more importantly, I feel better. I am eating the arthritis diet for the most part, and my arthritis is definitely reacting to it. The inflammation throughout my body is definitely down. That and the decrease in body mass feels better.
I am following a new diet but looking at it as a life change, not a temporary fad change. I am exercising and have stuck to it for a week, which is longer than I have stuck to an exercise regime since I graduated from high school – and that was in 2000.

Why am I sticking to it and seeing this as a permanent change? I love the exercise program I am going with. CentrFit. Of course, I tried it because of Chris Hemsworth. If a member of the Avengers offers something, I will likely watch it or try it because Marvel fans are nothing if not loyal. But here is the thing I didn’t expect – to love it.

Yes, you know you are working out. I will not sit here and tell you that it is a breeze or even that all of it is fun. For me, though, I finally found a style of workout that I adore.
I look forward to doing it. It lasts around 40 minutes from warm-up to cool-down, and to me, it feels like maybe ten.

That is the key, isn’t it? We are all very set in our ways, and if something is not pleasurable and feels like a chore, the likeliness of us failing in it is higher. That is merely human nature. I also think so much of this is sticking so far because of my writing. Being a writer, having that be how I earn my living, has been huge for me.

I was that person who never thought I could do it. I didn’t and still don’t think there is anything exceptional about my writing. I knew that this was how I want to make my living and that I needed to gear up if I wanted to do this full time by the time Riley goes to school.

So I started. I may be making money, mainly with content writing right now. However, I am a writer.

Luckily, I am getting into the other aspects of writing as I wrote about here. I am so happy about that. So I will make my life reflect that success. Unfortunately, you all will probably get to hear about it more than you want to – writing is how I figure out how I feel, and this is where I should be doing it.

If you come along, great. If you also feel like you are close to forty, overweight and beaten down, and can’t even fathom how to start making the change, it is how it is with all things that really matter. You will get out of it what you put in. You put into things you care about, to what matters to you. You have to matter to you to actually make the changes you need.
It has taken me a long time to get there. I hope you all are already there or at least on the way. Let’s take care of ourselves, so we can take care of our country. No one else is going to take care of it.

At least that’s how I see it.

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