I love WandaVision. Maybe it is just me missing normalcy. As for me, normal was heavily influenced by Marvel and the MCU. Perhaps that is not healthy or whatever, but it is what it is. The Pandemic and the quarantining and isolation have sucked in so many ways. Still, one of the top suckiest spots for me has definitely been the lack of new Marvel.

I have been looking forward to a solo Black Widow movie for years. I have said it before, and I will repeat it. I was doubtful when Scarlett Johanssen was announced, but she made me a believer. No one else could have ever played Natasha Romanoff, and no one ever should. Many have held Black Widow’s mantle in the comics, so the character will stay around, but never in that iteration.

Like many, I was pissed that her movie is after Endgame – it seems less like the tribute they are trying to pass it off as and more like an oopsie we dropped the ball move, but that is an issue for another time – one that I guarantee you I could do a whole series on. And may. Definitely will cover. It could be one of the first episodes of my podcast. When I figure out exactly what that is going to be.

Enough of my tangent. Onto WandaVision****SPOILERS AHEAD****



This show is brilliant. It is everything I wanted it to be and more. Monica is on the verge of becoming an awesome and formidable hero, as the underpinnings of Photon have officially been laid. Going through the barrier into The Hex has fundamentally changed her makeup. Though I suppose they could go with Spectrum, either way, it will be fantastic to watch her powers blossom.

Also, since Megan McDonnell, the writer of the series, has been picked to head up the scriptwriting for Captain Marvel 2, it is sure to be all interwoven and dynamically tied. Why does Monica appear to be annoyed with Carol? Did Carol never return? Is the LGBTQ storyline going to play out and have some kind of love and break-up that turned Lt. Trouble against Auntie Carol?

There are plenty of options for that grimace and refusal to talk about Captain Marvel with Darcy and Jimmy. Everything that is happening in the show will lead right into the next phase for the MCU. If you are not paying attention or think that every minute detail doesn’t matter – then you must be new to the world of Marvel.

Wanda and Vision have a love story for the ages in the comics. They have a connection people would give everything to have in real life because Wanda’s powers come from the Infinity Gem (or Stone in MCU speak) that is the essence of Vision. They are connected authentically. The show is doing a brilliant job of displaying that, in a way, I never thought would translate from page to screen.

I love that they are building in intensity. It appears they will be holding true to their teasers that what starts off as a quirky sitcom will build into a full-on MCU battle. I wonder who Monica’s contact is. I wonder what Darcy’s Wandacized character will look like. For the first time since the Pandemic began, I look forward to Fridays and a show.

Thanks, Feige and gang. Thanks, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Here’s hoping Falcon and The Winter Soldier simply keeps this momentum going and to be able to go into theaters for our Black Widow fix soon.

And that, my dears, is how I see it…

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